Ah… my day would be much better if I didn’t see that…

Am I the only one who’s sick of Brunner already? Because I’m so sick of him that I actually want Nathan to teach here again, even if it’s just for a day, or until I graduate, I just don’t like Brunner AT ALL. So if any of you knows something about Brunner that could get him fired, please tell me, because I’m sure you don’t want him around either.

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks, I don’t even know where to start. Exams, assignments, meetings, I’m so tired of everything.

Can I have a week off please?

What is this Gangnam Style song and why does everyone like it so much?

God, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Don’t you people have something better to do? There’s got to be something more THSN material than this… this… ridiculous video.

Oh look.

Oh hi

I skipped math class, whatever. I really don’t feel like going to classes, not when I know I’m going to move into a house for the Thompson Games with people I don’t even know that well.

Random question though, if I transfer to another school, will I still be involved in the Thompson Games? Because I don’t think losing touch with the rest of the world is worth it.

What’s in it for us anyway?

So tired.

Today was…ugh I don’t know. I left my dorm at 7 and just returned about 30 minutes ago, I didn’t even have time for lunch! Do you know those odd days when you don’t feel like eating dinner even though you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast? Yeah.

There’s this meeting with some reps from about six other high school newspapers tomorrow, and as the vice president of Thompson High School Newspaper, I have to come. I don’t want to, though, I really want to spend my day in bed tomorrow. The meeting starts at 7 and tomorrow’s Saturday, Saturday. Whoever invented Saturday morning meetings must be crazy. Monday morning meetings are bad enough, but Saturday? Seriously? I’m a dedicated member of THSN, no doubt about that, but don’t you think 7 AM on a Saturday is a little too early?

And fucking hell, Juliet, would it kill you to tell me sooner? I have that stupid History essay to write for Wednesday and I still haven’t done the Biology assignment, I haven’t done Chemistry either.

So to all the people who already have a job and complain about it, please don’t. At least they pay you to be busy, I pay the school and it makes me busy.

I’m bored. I’ve been in my dorm all day long and now I’m desperate for sunlight but it’s a little too late for that.

So today I missed:

  • A THSN meeting (I know I missed it Juliet, go away)
  • An English test
  • A Physics test
  • Mr. Shinoda scolding Gupta (A miracle, I know)
  • Roger answering a question right during math (Another miracle, wow)

Ugh, sad story.


Aside from the fact that I still feel like shit because I’ve degraded myself as a journalist by writing a stupid fucking gossip article not to mention I did it anonymously which makes me a coward I got a roommate, a girl named Ariadne who’s good at music. I guess now I don’t have to worry about Music homework, hooray and all that happy shit…

Nope, I still feel like a horrible person. I don’t get it though, I’m always right, I always do the right thing, so why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong?


Where did my morals go?

I was hoping for another murder case, to be honest, but this is actually ‘okay’.